About Us

Fresh organic vegetables direct from the farm to Kentish Town

Vegbox is a community-led organic vegetable box scheme with a weekly selection of fresh seasonal produce, sourced as locally as possible.

Picture of Growing Communities logoVegbox was founded by members of Transition Kentish Town, with support from Growing Communities in Hackney.

Vegbox is currently 50% paid staff and 50% volunteer run. As we grow, we can pay more and more of our staff costs. We run the organisation along co-operative principles and pay a flat wage of £12 an hour for all Vegbox staff.

We are:

  • Local and seasonal – we source as locally as possible, and work within the limits of what is seasonally available in England.
  • A consumer co-operative – our customers are our members. Members attend the AGM and have a say in how the box scheme is run and what we do with any surplus we make in the future.
  • Low carbon – our members collect their weekly vegetable bag from community pick-up points around Kentish Town, a sociable way of cutting down on pollution and air miles.
  • Not for profit: any surplus we make will be re-invested in the organisation and in growing projects, not distributed to shareholders.
  • Fair trade – we’re harnessing the collective buying power of our community and providing a regular outlet and fair price for small-scale organic farmers.
  • Accessible – we aim to make our weekly organic vegetable bags as affordable as possible.
  • Low waste – we only order what we need each week and any left over after packing is given to local partners – currently The Fields Beneath cafe, the Calthorpe Project, Ladies and Gentlemen bar, and Camden Homeless Solidarity Space.
  • Ambitious – by working together, we want to help build an alternative economy in which we support sustainable farms and consume our food more mindfully.

How does this differ from national veg box schemes, farmers’ markets or wholefood shops?

  • We’re not trying to offer everything, just the weekly basics: an ethical and affordable organic vegetable bag.
  • We want to invest our profits in local food projects.
  • We’re focused on supporting small-scale, sustainable farmers in the London hinterland.
  • The scheme is run by and for our local community in Kentish Town.

Our vision is based on Growing Communities’ Food Zones model, which shows what type of food could best come from where in a sustainable food system.

Food Zones diagram