Greetings, Vegbox enthusiasts! We are thrilled to share some exciting news about our recent promotional endeavours. If you’ve been strolling through Kentish Town lately, you may have noticed vibrant banners proudly displayed by our incredible members – Thomas, Katherine, Apolline, Pat, and Sam. The banners helped to encourage 30+ people to join our community that values sustainable living, supports local farmers, and enjoys the bounty of seasonal, organic produce.

The Power of Community

At Kentish Town Vegbox, we believe in the power of community. Our unique vegbox scheme is not just about delivering fresh, locally-sourced vegetables; it’s about creating a sustainable and supportive community of like-minded individuals who value quality, sustainability, and connection. Our banner campaign is a testament to the strength of our community, with members actively participating in promoting our cause.

A Heartfelt Thank You

First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Thomas, Katherine, Apolline, Pat, and Sam for generously hosting our banners for the past few months. Your dedication and support have played a crucial role in helping us reach a wider audience and raise awareness about the benefits of joining Kentish Town Vegbox.

The Impact of the Banners

These eye-catching banners have become more than just decorations around town; they are powerful tools for communication. By displaying them in various locations, our members have become ambassadors for the vegbox movement, sparking conversations and piquing the interest of passersby. The banners star one of our farmers, Martin Ripple from Kent. His beaming smile, inviting everyone to discover the joy of eating fresh, local, and organic.

Join the Movement

If you’ve seen our banners and are curious about Kentish Town Vegbox, we invite you to join our community! As a member-owned co-operative, we prioritise transparency, sustainability, and the well-being of both our members and the environment. By signing up for our vegbox scheme, you not only gain access to delicious, seasonal produce but also become a part of a community-driven movement that values health, sustainability, and supporting local farmers.

How You Can Get Involved

If you’re inspired by our member-powered banner campaign and want to contribute to spreading the vegbox love, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Consider hosting a banner in your neighborhood, sharing our social media posts, or simply telling your friends and family about the benefits of joining Kentish Town Vegbox. Every small action contributes to the growth of our community and helps us make a positive impact on the local food scene.


Our member-powered banner campaign has been a tremendous success, thanks to the participation of Thomas, Katherine, Apolline, Pat, and Sam. Together, we are making strides in building a community that values sustainable living, supports local farmers, and enjoys the bounty of seasonal, organic produce. As we look to the future, we are excited about the continued growth of Kentish Town Vegbox and the positive impact we can make together. Join us on this journey, and let’s create a healthier, more sustainable world, one vegbox at a time!