These are our plans around the coronavirus outbreak.

Vegbox will continue to deliver veg and fruit from our partner farms into London over the coming weeks and months. Bringing healthy fresh food into cities is more vital than ever at this time.

We are following the latest government advice when it comes to best practice hygiene measures at our packing yard, and in terms of deliveries to our collection points. As ever, it is still important that you wash produce at home before eating.

If your household has to self-isolate, we would like to ensure that you can continue to receive your fruit and veg. Please let us know if you are self-isolating and we will try and ensure door to door delivery in these circumstances. Some of these we will be able to do ourselves with our core staff and volunteers, but we are also appealing for extra help. Would you be willing to pick up an extra bag or two from your collection point and drop it off with a fellow Vegbox member who is self-isolating?

Logistically, we face a challenge with our collection points, as many of them are likely to have to close in the coming days. We are on the look out for alternative collection points. You might even have a front yard at your home that could work. Let us know if you have any ideas.

We pack the vegetable bags every Wednesday at The Thanet community centre. If you’re working from home but have the flexibility to join us occasionally, it might make a welcome outdoor break and would be very helpful to us at this time. Let us know if you can volunteer with packing.

Our team is determined to make Vegbox work well during this crisis. From our family-run, organic farms through to our team in Kentish Town, we are part of a supply chain of socially and ecologically sustainable small businesses. Now is the time for us all to come together and demonstrate the resilience of community food networks.