The Hungry Gap

The field root crops are all over now, just the old season carrots and potatoes left, and soon they will be finished too. Our vegetable bags get lighter over the next three months, filled mainly with leaf crops, the first bunching carrots and spring onions, before we head into the summer.

The next three months are known as the “hungry gap”, a phenomenon of northern climates when produce is scarce in spring. The winter stores have been emptied, lots of crops have been sown but are some months away from harvest.

Of course in a world of globalised supply chains, we’re not in danger of starving for lack of local produce! But our no-veg-or-fruit-from-abroad buying policy at Vegbox means we can enjoy the closeness to seasonal rhythms that our ancestors never questioned, and feel the amazing contrast between the produce available between the hungry spring and the bountiful autumn.

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