Sprout tops and swedes

It’s been so mild all October! That’s great for the leafy green crops but also means there’s lots of aphids around still, so the frosty nights we’re starting to have now are good for keeping them in check.

It’s wintery stuff in our vegetable bags this week, with swedes, potatoes, leeks and even sprout tops!

The sprout top is the cluster of leaves that grows at the crown of the sprouts’ stalk. They can often look a bit flat and funny shaped, but they are great. Full of vitamins like sprouts, but rather gentler in flavour.

And fear not the swede! It can be a daunting winter root at first glance, but is always surprisingly delicious, even when simply boiled. Peel it, cut it into smallish cubes, and boil for 15 minutes or so, then serve with butter. It’s sweet and nutty, and a lovely yellow colour.

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