Power Up North London!

Vegbox was set up by members of Transition Kentish Town as a community-led social enterprise focused on creating a better food system.

We have a sister social enterprise that was set up to create a better energy system. Power Up North London is a community energy project formed in 2014 by three local Transition Town groups, to develop renewable energy installations supporting the local community and helping the fight against climate change.

Power Up North London recently gained approval for a solar panel installation on St Anne’s Church in Highgate. The St Anne’s installation will provide an estimated 16,500 kWh of clean energy per year, equating to 8,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Power Up North London hope to raise £30,000 through a Community Share Offer to be launched at the end of this month. They will be able to pay back investors with a small amount of interest, sell energy to the church at a discounted rate, and surplus funds will go into a Community Energy Fund, for use on community projects in the local area.

Do get involved with the share offer if you can! It’s a great way to change things for the better in a very local and practical way.

To register your interest and receive a share prospectus visit: www.powerupnorthlondon.org/invest

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