Celebrate 2015 – International Year of Soils

2015 has been designated by the UN as the International Year of Soils, highlighting the importance of soil in everyday life. If that sounds a bit dry, check out veteran activist Vandana Shiva’s uplifting New Year’s message on a video on Seed Freedom. “Let us celebrate the connections between Mother Earth and ourselves,” she says. “We are, after all, made of the earth. We are made of soil.”

In the face of massive challenges like climate change and the destruction of global biodiversity, we can find hope in organic agriculture, in good food, in gardening. As Shiva says: “We will continue to create the other world that we are sowing – seed by seed, inch-by-inch of soil, person by person, community by community – until all of this planet is embraced in one circle of a resurgent life and resurgent love. We will not give up!”

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  1. Celestial Elf says:

    In support of International Year of Soils 2015 and to raise awareness of Earthworms in the Uk which are under threat as New Zealand Flatworms Invade, The English Worm;

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