Month: November 2013

27th November 2013

Parsnips – Hughes Organics, Norfolk Stir fry pack – Calabaza Growers, Sutton, London White mushrooms – Hughes Organics, Suffolk Carrots – Hughes Organics, Norfolk Yellow onions – Hughes Organics, Norfolk Family bag only: Pointed cabbage – Hughes Organics, Norfolk Celebration

20th November 2013

Spinach – Ripple Farm, Kent Purple kohlrabi – Langridge Organics, Lancashire Charlotte potatoes – Ripple Farm, Kent Jerusalem artichokes – Langridge Organics, Sussex Crown prince squash – Ripple Farm, Kent Family bag only: Leeks – Ripple Farm, Kent Celery –

13th November 2013

Salad bag – Calabaza Growers, Sutton, London Sante potatoes – Hughes Organics, Lincolnshire Yellow onions – Hughes Organics, Norfolk Cauliflower – Sarah Green’s Organics, Essex Swede – Langridge Organics, Devon Family bag only: Sprouts – Sarah Green’s Organics, Essex Cavolo

Celeriac is back…

We were chatting to a Vegbox member the other week. “Winter’s coming,” she said. Then with trepidation: “Does mean we’re going to have celeriac again soon?” Celeriac is indeed back this week! Now it’s true that it’s not the best

6th November 2013

Red spring onions – Chegworth Valley, Kent Parsley – Ripple Farm, Kent Green pepper – Chegworth Valley, Kent Celeriac – Langridge Organics, Lincolnshire Rainbow carrots – Langridge Organics, Lincolnshire Standard and Family bag only: Rainbow chard – Ripple Farm, Kent